What are angels? Belief in angels (greek: angelos = messenger); Supernal beings who mediate between god and man, is ancient, widespread and archetypal, referring to our sense of higher spiritual forces operating in and through us; forces that challenge, protect, guide.

Angel Michael.

The name Michael means who is like God. He ranks as the greatest of all angels in Jewish, Christian and islamic literature. he is said to be the first angel created by God and is the commander of all angels

Angel Gabriel.

The name means Mighty One of God or god is my strength. Apart from Michael, he is the only angel mentioned by name in the old testiment, Gabriel is said to be gods messenger.

Angel Raphael.

The name means, God has healed and is identified as an archangel. It is said he is one the seven holy angels that attend the throne of God.

Angel Uriel.

The name means, fire of God or light of God. Uriel was considerd an archangel by many in the Catholic church. It is said that he was the angel stationed at the gates of the garden of Eden with a flaming sword to prevent Adam & Eve returning.

Angel St Jhudiel.

The name means, praise of god. Carrier of the flaming crown of salvation, a symbol of God's mercy and the victory of grace, which awaits the saints in the next life. It is also a reminder of the crown of sufferings to be endured in this life in imitation of Our Lord.

Angel Sealtiel.

The name means, prayer of God. St Sealtiel carries an incenser, symbol of the prayers and offering of the Divine Sacifice of the Mass, only through the actions of the ordained.

Angel Barachiel.

The name means, Blessing of God. Barachiel carries an abundant basket of bread, the staff of life, symbolizing Christian parenthood and it's grave responsibilities both spiritual and temporal, to produce and provide for, the children God desires of married couples. He is a powerful intercessor for the barren as well as  for troubled marriages.

Credits- The big book of angels & Archangels information site.