The angel that is always with me is named Michael. He came to me a little over three years ago, about 6 months after my husband died unexpectedly. I was contemplating suicide because I could see no way out from my pain and chaos inside. I was standing at my kitchen window, saying the prayer that had become constant whispering for me:" Please God, I dont ask for happiness and I know this will hurt for a long time. Just let me find some peace." I felt a movment behind me my left shoulder and I saw in the reflextion of the window a HUGE pair of of wings enfold me. I have never before or since felt such total peace. There was no pain, no chaos, noteven an awarness of any feeling, just total calm. In my head I heard,"I am Michael. You will have peace. You will also have miracles which I will show you until you can see for yourself." He has not left my side since that afternoon and I have seen miracles now with and without his help. I have seen more angels and have even asked that an angel be sent to friends who were in need. Those angels were shown to me before they went and in later talking to the friends, they described exactly the one that was sent.

credit- The big book of angels.