I know that angels can assume apparently human form, because my family was saved by Two men, who suddenly appeared on a deseted country road, as our car was about to roll over a dangerouse cliff. My husband had been changing the tire, and was outside the car when it started to rolling over the curb toward the edge of the cliff! I was seated in the backseat, holding our new born baby. My daughter was in the the front seat, but she could not pull the emergency brake. A car appeared, two men got out and, without a word, held the car while my husband opened the car door and stepped on the brake. They told my husband to calm down, because he was in a panic. They left suddenly as we were calling out our thanks. We lived in a very small community where everbody knew everyone else, and we had never seen those two men before, nor did we ever see them again. They looked like salt and pepper shakers, just alike, except one was white and one black. They each had a beard. Since my husband is black and am white we felt that those men had to be our gyardian angels.

credit- The big book of angels.