I had the first angelic encounter that I recognized about three years ago. There is a place close to where I live that is very peaceful, very close to the water and sky. I often visit there just to make a fire, listen to the waves and look at the sky. This particular day, I headed up to my thinking spot after dark. I had been there so many times and even though it was rough hills and bluffs, I felt safe. After making a beautiful fire high atop the bluffs of lake Michigan I headed back. On the way home, I slipped on some wet clay and tumbled down the bluff. I grabbed onto brush and small trees and still kept falling. At the bottom of the hill I hit my head on a rock. I called and yelled out my name and phone number. I was in a remote location and did not expect to have anyone hear me. When I had despaired, I heard a voice and felt a soft comforting touch. I looked up and saw a young man with long hair and rough, almost burlap-type material for his cloths. He knew my name and my husband's name. He told me he knew my husband from school and he would take me home. Next thing I remember I was laying at my back porch. My husband had come out to look for me and found me sleeping outside th back door. Our house is at least 3/4 mile from the lake bluff. Dan asked how I had gotten back, and I told him that Gabe had brought me. You know that friend of yours from school. My husband had not gone to school with any Gabe but did attend Abbot Pennings Academy and did indeed pray to the Gabriel for guidance on the soccer field. I ended up with 25 stiches in my head. I know that somehow I was brought home by that angel. Gabe and I have had many conversations since and I am so grateful for his presence in my life.

credit- The big book of angels.