When my daughter's boyfriend was in colleage he was hurrying to class one night. By mistake, he placed his backpack on the top of the car and forgot it there. He and his friend rushed to class, only remembering the backpack when they arrived way across town. They immediatley retraced their route to school, but the backpack was gone. Not only was his expensive college books in the the pack, but alsohis tools and wallet. replacing everything would be out of the question because he was from a poor family thst hsd trouble making ends meet. Instead of going to class that night, he came to our house to tell me and my daughter what had happened. I immediately started praying and asked God to send a guardian angel to somehow protect the backpack and get it safley back to him. The next day my daughter was walking home from a friend's house when an elderly man walked up to her." you look like a college student," he said. " Do you know anyone who has lost a backpack?" My daughter told him that her boyfriend had. The elderly gentlemen then opened a large paper bag and pulled out the pack. my daughter bent down to look inside. Everything was there, even the wallet with money in it. When she looked up to thank the man foe his kindness, there was no one in sight.

credit- The big book of angels.