Below is some of  the equipment we use during our investigations with a brief explanation of what they do.


Emf Detection meter.

When Ghostly activity takes place electromagnetic anomalies often occur. The meter will register this field and the strengh of it.

Passive/Beam detection.

Ideal for locked of rooms or hallways were alleged paranormal activity is taking place. The difference in the two is, a beam needs to be broken to activate. The other requires a slight heat source to enter a detection pattern.


We use two different type of thermometer's. The first is an indoor out door unit which will indicate both external and internal tempretures. The second is the lazer type which will pin point any cold spots by directing the lazer to the area of suspected activity.

Lazer pen.

The lazer pen projects a matrix on the area of investigation and can be adjusted to project a very intense grid. The theory is anything moving into the grid would cause ashadow or even a shape.

Nightvision camcorders & digital cameras.

Nightvision camcorders are mainly used for lone vigils or locked of areas were a trigger object has been setup. With the ability to see in low light conditions makes them a great piece of kit.We also use full spectrum digital cameras. Unlike standard cameras, full-spectrum cameras capture the full range of the light spectrum, including near ultraviolet (UV) light and near infrared (IR) light. According to some theories, ghosts may be visible in IR or UV light only.

SLS camera (structured light sensor) This piece of kit has the ability to map anomalys that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Infrared & UV light enhancers.

Infrared enhancers are used when the area of investigation is too dark for the camera's built infrared wont penertrate the darkeness. UV & Infrared is also so used for full spectrum camera's.

CCTV system.

Aswell as our camcorders and digital camera's we use cctv were the location is large or there are a lot of rooms. We currently use an eight channel DVR system for local or remote recording. We also use an ipad (other devices availeable) for streaming video from a monitored area.

EVP recorder.

The EVP recorder, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

EMF pump & ghost detector.

Theories suggest that certain energy can provide 'power' for spirits to communicate with us or manifest themselves. The ghost detector is said to detect electro static energy which is allegedly to happen if a spirit is close by. Ideal for placing in an empty room with a locked of camera and requesting a spirit to go to it.