BSFS want your ghostly pictures. If you have taken a picture and seen something unusual and would like our view on it, then please send your picture to your image will be added to the gallery and if requested we will email our views on the image.

The below images were sent in by James which he took when  investigating a cemetery in wales. After viewing the image he noticed what looked like a face near one of the head stones middle left, he has added a zoomed in clip on the bottom right corner. The second image show's a number of light anomaly's. The third image show's a very strange light anomaly. Thanks James.

The below image was sent in by Tina. The image show's a strange light anomaly. Thanks Tina.


The below image was sent in by Chris and was taken during a trip to a museum. There appears to be a ghostly image on the left which could be caused by double exposure. Thanks Chris.

This picture was sent in by Pete after noticing a strange looking cloud. After looking at the image there were strange light anomaly's to the right. Thanks Pete for sending in your picture.

The pictures below were sent in by Lesley, who explained that she had recently lost her pet cat. On the same night that her cat past away, this orb was capured next to Lesley. day's later, Lesley was in her kitchen and felt a stinging sensation on her arm, when she looked these two scratches appeared. We have given advice to Lesley and there have to date been no other incidents. Thank you Lesley for contacting us.

The picture was sent in by one of our investigators who was out walking in an acient forest. After examining  his photo he was surprised to see what looked like a ghostly faces looking back at him. There area of interest has been circled. Date added 07-08-19.

These pictures where sent in by William who had witness a strange mist in his bedroom, could this be Ecto-mist, which is thought to be the beginning of a spirit manifestation. What do you think?