First Hierarchy

First choir Seraphim.

The highest order of angels. They guard god's throne and contemplate His goodness directly. They are reffered to as the"burning ones" because they are aflame with love for God, which they express by constanly singing, "Holy,holy,holy is the lord of host; the whole earth is full of his glory" Isaiah envisionend them as having six wings.

Second choir: Cherubim.

Cherubim (means fullness of knowledge) are God's record keepers and observers of primal creative power of God's glory.God put cherubim at the gates of eden to the way to the tree of life.

Third choir: Thrones.

Thes are known as the chariots of God, charged  with carrying out God's justice according to unuversal laws. They are sometimes called chariots. Ezekiel describes them as resembeling burning wheels with rims full of eyes round them.

 Second Hierarchy

Fourth choir: Dominions.

They regulate the activities of all other people angels (except those in the first Hierrarchy) to assure the carrying out of God's will. Thet are shown holding an Orb os scepter as a symbol of authority.


Fifth choir: Virtues.

They are entrusted with the movement of the heavenly bodies and the operations of nature. They can draw on God's force to work miracles on earth. They bestow encouragement and blessings on the worthy.

Sixth Choir: Powers.

They preserve order in the world and keep it from being overthrown by demons. Powers avenge evil acts and protect human souls.

         Third Hierarchy

 Seventh Choir: Principalities.

They are protectors of religeon, providing strength in times of hardship. They also keep watch over nations and their leaders.


Eighth Choir: Arcangels.

Archangels are "chief angels. They look after the larger affairs of humankind as they relate to God's will. They are holy messengers of God, carrying important decrees to humans. They also command God's armies and act as guardian angels to leaders of world movements.

Ninth Choir Angels.

These include guardian angels, who are assigned by God to every human being at the time of his or her birth. Angels of this order are concerned with matters that affect individuals.